As children enter their second year, they are increasingly independent, active, and in need of enhancing their language and socialization skills. Our Two Year Old Program offers a dynamic curriculum that covers a variety of subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, sensory, and social skills. By incorporating children’s literature, music and movement activities, and arts and crafts, our individualized focus and highly-attentive teachers keep children engaged and eager to learn.

Activities in the Two Year Old Program include:

  • Learning Names of People, Objects and Places
  • Talking in Complete Sentences
  • Vocabulary Development by Imitation and Repetition
  • Building Alphabet Recognition through Play with Letters
  • Strengthening Conversation Skills with Group Sharing and Reading Experiences
  • Demonstrating How to Recognize Others’ Feelings and to Respond Accordingly
  • Strengthening Large Motor Skills with Riding Equipment, Balls, and Movement Activities
  • Improving Hand-Eye Coordination through Pouring, Stringing, and Cutting Activities
  • Role-Playing with Props and Costumes

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