Toddler Care

Toddlers are insatiably inquisitive by nature; they always seek to interact with and better understand the world around them. Our Toddler Program offers a day filled with activities geared toward enhancing language, gross & fine motor skills, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Through a methodology that balances individual exploration with group instruction, they are constantly encouraged to discover, invent, experiment, and enjoy.

Activities in our Toddler Program include:

  • Practicing Imitating, Responding, Asking Questions, and Following Simple Directions
  • Identifying Basic Colors and Shapes
  • Bringing Concepts of Cause-and-Effect to Life through Storytelling, Music, and Art
  • Guiding Your Child to Learn through Classroom Routines
  • Self-Care Skills Such as Feeding, Cleaning, and Dressing
  • Promoting Self-Expression through Art and Music

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