Health and Well-Being

One of the top priorities in any school is providing a clean and safe environment for its students. Below are some of the ways we ensure the health and well-being of our students and staff.


Professional Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to ensure that a school is always clean and hygienic is to have a full-time custodian on site. Our experienced custodians have a greater understanding of which areas need to be cleaned most frequently, and are be able to provide the required services to establish and maintain the cleanliness of the school. Our cleaning professionals are up-to-date with hygienic regulations and are continually updating their training to safeguard our schools and your children.

All classroom materials are cleaned and rooms are disinfected daily. In addition, all indoor and outdoor shared spaces are cleaned and disinfected daily as well. Our teachers and staff know just how important a clean learning environment is to a child’s health, learning, and growth.

Certified and Trained Staff

Knowing that illness and accidents can occur, we want to be sure your child is in the right hands. All of our teachers, and administrators are both CPR and First Aid certified. They go through extensive training to not only know the signs and symptoms to look for, but also are training in how to respond appropriately and swiftly. In addition, our administrators monitor and maintain child immunizations records for all students that attend The Sapling School. These records are required by the state and are updated regularly. If you have any questions regarding your child’s immunization needs please speak with your child’s doctor for further information. Your child’s health is always our number one priority.


Administering Medication

Medication administration to students is one of the most common health‐related activities performed in school. As a safety measure, we do not allow medication in the classroom. All student medication is properly labeled, stored, and disposed of by the school administration staff. Our staff also goes through extensive training on how to document and administer rescue and emergency medications. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out for further details.

Hand Washing and Hygiene

Students, faculty and staff are instructed to washing hands before eating or preparing food, after using the toilet, when coming back into the classroom from a shared space whether outdoors or indoors, after blowing their nose, or when there is contact with any type of body fluid, such as saliva. It is vitally important to teach the students the correct way to wash their hands in order to reduce the spread of germs, promoting a healthier environment.


Outdoor Temperature Policy

Fresh air is very important to every child’s growth, health, development, and learning. During the young formative years of childhood, children will develop gross motor skills (like kicking and throwing). Because the hours spent in an early care and education setting are such a large part of the child’s waking hours, it is essential that early care and education curriculum include as much physical activity daily as possible. Our school policy ensures that administrators make the determination daily based on government guidelines for outdoor use. When the weather consists of excessive heat or cold, inclement weather, or poor air quality, administrators will make the call to only allow indoor play. All students will have time throughout the day for play whether indoors, outdoors, or both.

Infant Care

Infant care requires health and safety practices that go beyond the level of care older students receive. These standards range from specific hand washing and diapering procedures, to sanitation practices for minimizing the spread of infection. It also includes specific guidelines for safe sleeping, age appropriate materials and environments, and growth and development benchmarks. Our infant care rooms provide low teacher to student ratios to ensure that your child gets the optimal level of care required. Every child is assigned a primary caregiver so that the child has an individual focused on them consistently throughout the day in addition to curriculum that is based upon a sound understanding of infant development and needs. Rest assured that the level of care we provide is one that you will be happy with.

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