The Sapling Difference

The Sapling School offers early childhood care that emphasizes the development and enrichments of your child. As a school culture we believe in helping to develop a child not only academically but emotionally, physically and socially as well. Our schools have an atmosphere of community and collaboration. Providing a transparent education for your child we are willing to go above and beyond to meet our students needs while being there to comfort and help our families.

Our curriculum is created in house and meets the high bar set by our educational standards. We focus to develop the whole child while they are having fun and being introduced to new activities and experiences. Knowing that not all children are the same teachers make sure to work with their students in a multitude of ways from whole class discussion and circle time, small group work, center work, and one on one assistance. We want to be sure that all children have opportunities to learn.

In a typical day at The Sapling School, students have a carefully crafted schedule that allows for a balanced combination of learning and play. Older students have access to different technologies to help provide instruction through play. Parents can rest assured knowing that all the appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the safety and security of their child. With trained qualified teachers that provide care and education that far supersedes the expectations of even the most cautious parents. With flexibility in care options, we are here not only for the child, but rather for the whole family.

Contact our kindergarten school at (732) 297-8400 in Kendall Park, NJ, to prepare your child for a bright future. We are a child care provider that introduces kids to the fun world of learning.

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