Mobile Infant Care

Our Mobile Infant Program provides children with the opportunity to further their new found mobility. Students will thrive in a caring and stimulating environment that corresponds with their new found developmental abilities while promoting opportunities to play and interact. Developing both fine and gross motor skills are the class’s main priority, as is laying the foundation for language development, and social skills.

Our Mobile Infant Program includes:

  • Movement activities to promote increase gross motor function
  • Nurturing care that helps foster independence and boast confidence and self-esteem
  • Regular Teacher-Child interactions that encourage socialization and curiosity
  • Finger-play and singing that help boost cognitive and motor skills
  • Age-appropriate materials and equipment that support learning and development
  • Tiny Movements (Infant yoga and stretching)

Contact our kindergarten school at (732) 297-8400 in Kendall Park, NJ, to prepare your child for a bright future. We are a child care provider that introduces kids to the fun world of learning.

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