Nutrition and Food

A healthy body makes for a healthy mind! The benefits of good nutrition to health are endless. A few examples are that students achieve better academic performance, are more alert throughout the day, and have increased energy. If a child is under-nourished, they will get sick more often, will often be distracted, and have poor performance in regards to academics. The Sapling School works hard to provide a nutritious meal plan for all the students that attend.


Trained Kitchen Staff

It is important to maintain a healthy diet. At The Sapling School all meals are prepared fresh on premises daily to ensure we are providing well-balanced meals that include vitamins, fiber, and protein. They are prepared in a kitchen by a trained cook. Our kitchen staff undergoes continual training to stay up to date on the latest information and kitchen procedures.

Balanced Meals

Young children need to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits early on, so the food they consume while young can have a life-long impact. Children pattern habits after parents and caregivers, so to have not only good role models but to also have healthy food options are both very important. Our meal plan consists of grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy items. We also understand that there are dietary restrictions and due to this we offer vegetarian options daily. If your child has any allergy, please be sure to notify the administrative staff as we can make accommodations to our menu. The Sapling School is continuously working to add new and exciting items to the menu that are not only healthy and nutritious but that students will love.


Incorporation of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The Sapling School takes the concept of a balance diet seriously and feels that the vitamins and nutrients in fresh fruit and vegetables are vitally important to a child’s development. Our menus are designed to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables for every child.

Infant Nutrition

In the young formative months of a child’s life, nutrition plays a crucial part in development. Parents are asked to provide either breast milk or formula for their child’s dietary needs. Once a parent is ready to start slowly incorporating solids into their child’s diet, we can certainly accommodate by incorporating the menu items we have scheduled for that day.


Nut-Free Zone

All of The Sapling School locations are completely nut free facilities. Due to the increasing number of children that have allergies to nuts and peanuts, we like to take every precaution possible. If your child has any allergy, please be sure to notify the administrative staff so that every safeguard can be taken to prevent any possible issue from occurring. We always have the food labels for every product that is brought in for parents to look at in the event a child has an allergy.

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