The Sapling School in Kendall Park, New Jersey, develops preschool curriculum that reinforces early childhood education. We provide children with programs that uniquely integrate instruction, exploration, and activities.


Let your child acquire a deeper understanding of people and of him or herself with our immersive lessons in language arts, mathematics, and hands-on science. With minds like sponges, children are always looking to absorb new knowledge and experiences. We engage this learning with activities like:

  • Daily Calendar Activities to Teach about Sequence of Events, Patterns, and Routines
  • Daily Opportunities for Self-Expression through Painting, Singing, and Storytelling with Puppets
  • Learning Cognitive Skills such as Counting, Making Predictions, Testing, and Drawing Conclusions
  • Treating Peers and Teachers with Kindness
  • Daily Classroom Conversations and Community Building Discussions
  • Developing Life Skills, Flexibility in Thinking, and Daily Routines that Promote Memory
  • Activities to Enhance Fine and Gross Motor Skills Coordination

Program Curricula (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten)

Rely on our Pre-Kindergarten Program to help your child develop his or her imagination and the ability to make sense of the environment. With a dynamic framework, we teach children to grow in individual and group contexts and become more aware of social situations. We challenge students to expand their grasp of the world with the following activities:

  • Identifying Various Literary Genres, such as Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Conducting Science Experiments in Nature
  • Becoming Familiar with Words and Letter Sounds
  • Immersing in Spanish, Mandarin and Sign Language
  • Reading Short Books without Assistance
  • Understanding Maps and Identifying Continents
  • Adding and Subtracting Numbers, and Solving Problems with Peers

Competent Teachers

With a team of state-certified teachers, we provide the right balance of instructor- and student-initiated activities. Our approach also creates an environment of proactive learning, exploration, and encouragement. This way, students can approach and master advanced concepts with confidence and enthusiasm.

Class Size

Both Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs have small class sizes, so your child can receive the individual attention necessary to gain new skills in areas that are vital for future success in school.

Contact our kindergarten school at (732) 297-8400 in Kendall Park, NJ, to prepare your child for a bright future. We are a child care provider that introduces kids to the fun world of learning.

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