The Sapling School offers early childhood development programs for infant to two-year-old children in Kendall Park, New Jersey. We incorporate fun learning activities to boost children’s interest.

Infant Program

Give your child the early advantage of developing both fine and gross motor skills. With our program, your child interacts in a caring and stimulating environment that matches his or her natural curiosity.
We provide many opportunities to play and interact, which lay the foundation for language development. Our Infant Program includes:

  • Nurturing Care that Builds Your Infant’s Self-Esteem
  • Regular Teacher-Child Interactions that Spark Curiosity and Socialization
  • Fingerplay and Singing that Help Boost Cognitive and Motor Skills
  • Age-Appropriate Materials and Equipment that Support Learning and Development
  • Safe Sleep Guidelines
  • Tiny Movements (Infant Yoga and Stretching)

Toddler Program

Allow us to assist your child in understanding and interacting with the world around him or her. Our methodology satisfies that insatiably inquisitive nature by balancing individual exploration with group instruction. The Toddler Program encourages each kid to discover, invent, experiment, and enjoy while enhancing language, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. These activities include:

  • Practicing Imitating, Responding, Asking Questions, and Following Simple Directions
  • Identifying Basic Colors and Shapes
  • Bringing Concepts of Cause-and-Effect to Life through Storytelling, Music, and Art
  • Guiding Your Child to Learn through Classroom Routines
  • Self-Care Skills Such as Feeding, Cleaning, and Dressing
  • Promoting Self-Expression through Art and Music

Two Year Old Program

Help your child transition better into independence as he or she turns two years old. With the Two Year Old Program, your child enhances language and socialization skills through a variety of subject areas. We incorporate children’s literature, music, movement activities, and arts and crafts to keep children engaged and eager for more. Our highly-attentive teachers give individualized focus to help each child in the following activities:

  • Learning Names of People, Objects and Places
  • Talking in Complete Sentences
  • Vocabulary Development by Imitation and Repetition of Words and Sentences
  • Building Alphabet Recognition through Play with Letters
  • Strengthening Conversation Skills with Group Sharing and Reading Experiences
  • Demonstrating How to Recognize Others’ Feelings and to Respond Accordingly
  • Strengthening Large Motor Skills with Riding Equipment, Balls, and Movement Activities
  • Improving Hand-Eye Coordination through Pouring, Stringing, and Cutting Activities
  • Role-Playing with Props and Costumes

Contact our kindergarten school at (732) 297-8400 in Kendall Park, NJ, to prepare your child for a bright future. We are a child care provider that introduces kids to the fun world of learning.

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